Hi, I'm Darryl Hicks

I'm the CEO of Tungsten Revenue Consultants, based in Montreal, Canada.

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The 30-Sec Version

First and foremost, I serve as the CEO of Tungsten Revenue Consultants, located in Montreal, Canada. I'm also the founder or co-founder of more than a dozen other successful e-commerce and technology businesses, which have serviced millions of consumer customers—across 4 continents—and created over 1,000 jobs to date. I'm also a developer of proprietary software, owner of several tech patents, and advisor to multiple startups. I love working with, coaching, and mentoring like-minded entrepreneurs. Does that describe you?

My Collection

Here are some of the brands I'm proud to say are my own—or that I partner with—to introduce high-value products and services to the world. darryl-brands    

  • He has the unique ability to convert an overwhelming amount of data into effective business knowledge. The key skill I have learned from Darryl was the ability to differentiate noise from effective signals. - Yossi G. Levi
  • Darryl has a forward thinking business mind, great vision and the leadership needed to bring a project to completion. Creativity, a finger on the bleeding edge of technology and business intuition, makes him a pleasure to collaborate with.- Randal Wark
  • It's a pleasure to work with Darryl on varying levels of projects. He shows real dedication and enthusiasm to all subjects, and really listens in order to best understand what needs to get done. Professionalism, awareness of dynamic market situations, and eagerness to please, really set him apart.- Ben Matheson